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Merchant Advocate (MA) will perform a free credit card processing rate
review and find those hidden fees that you’re paying.

  1. Merchant Advocate (MA) helps business owners save money from the unregulated credit card industry WITHOUT having to switch processors.  Hidden fees and errors occur monthly costing merchants thousands of dollars annually that affects the bottom line profitability to your business. MA has no upfront costs and MA is only paid out of the savings achieved for your company, recovering revenue that would have otherwise been lost.  MA has saved its clients over $100 million in processing fees.

  2. Call to Action – Send 1 month of recent processing statement to jshavitz@merchantadvocate.com for a free rate review.

  3. To learn more, fill out this form (https://merchantadvocate.com/credibility/), or contact Jeff Shavitz, President of Merchant Advocate directly by email jshavitz@merchantadvocate.com or telephone 201-245-4545.

  4. Mention Promo Code “Credibility Nation” to receive a 10% discount.


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