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More ways to be Credible

  • Spread Credust

    Spread some Credust to increase credibility. Credust is the sparkle you and the other party receives when you share someone else’s credibility.

  • Know your CPoP

    What's your CPoP? CPoP is short for “Customer Point of Pain” which is the specific problem, issue, or concern that your customers and prospects have that you help resolve.

  • Have a Credreel™

    Have your own Credreel™! Credreel is short for “Credibility Sizzle Reel,” which is a short-video interview showcasing who you are by sharing who you serve, what you do, and the credibility you have to do what you do.

About your Instructor

Global Credibility Expert

Mitchell Levy

Global Credibility Expert, Mitchell Levy, works with humans who want to be seen as credible.
Credibility starts with clarity and you can't be credible unless you are clear about what you do. One of the reasons you'd want to learn from Mitchell is that he is "unconsciously competent in clarifying your message." If you're a human who wants to be seen as credible, but is having a hard time in this "noisy" world, learn from Mitchell through the courses here.

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How Mitchell helped others build Credibility.

He genuinely cares about others

Laura Jack
(Owner and head coach at Laura Jack Coaching)

He is an amazing man who really genuinely cares about other people and I wanna say gives a shit because he does; And so anytime I can be a part of it, I say, hell yes!

Mitchell is not like anyone else.

Mark C. Green
(Profit Acceleration & Lead Generator Specialist at Strategic Pathways LLC)

For those of you who look at Mitchell and what he does and sort of think but everybody does that, stop right there. They don’t! He deserves your attention and time. He will help you.

Learn to be credible in the marketplace

Robert Rose
(Chief Troublemaker of The Content Advisory)

You need to be able to express yourself credibly in the marketplace and the Credreel is certainly the way to do that and I can’t think of no better person to help you deliver it than my friend, Mitchell Levy.

New credibility insights in 30 minutes

John Spence
(Business advisor, executive coach, trainer, speaker)

I’ve been recognized as one of the top 5 leaders in the world. I’ve been doing this for about 30 years and I couldn’t believe that in 30 minutes, Mitchell Levy gave me insights about how to build more credibility that I never would have thought of.

Take what he's giving you.

Sean Erwin
(Certified Business & Sales Coach)

For those of you that are wondering what credibility is all about, wondering, “Do I need it?” “Do I need to worry about it?” You need to listen to Mitchell. You need to be part of what he’s doing. This is something that’s coming from the heart. And I highly suggest you take what he’s giving you. It will make a big difference for you internally and for your own business.

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