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Sign up for our Chamber of Commerce Program and get access to our monthly Spotlight – a 60-minute LIVE Online Training Event where we invite one speaker to share their expertise on how to build, run, grow, or expand your business.

Together, we will learn new ideas and strategies around

✅ Sales,

✅ Marketing,

✅ Business Development,

✅ Leadership, 

✅ Team Management,


and other areas of business.


Access the Credibility Nation Network and connect with other community leaders and business owners.

Continuous Learning

Dive into our growing list of free fundamental courses:

  • Clarifying Your Customer Point of Pain
  • Being Likeable as a Pillar of Credibility
  • Success Through Sponsorship Thinking
  • And more!
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Network members enjoy free and discounted access to events, workshops, masterminds, and courses.

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Build and manage your community by becoming one of our Village Leaders.

Inside your village, you can create your own events, articles, polls, and set your own conversation topics.



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Monthly Training with Community Access

Access to the LIVE Online Training

Access to past Training videos

Executive Director Only

FREE access to the Credibility Nation Network (Mighty Networks Community)

Executive Director Only

FREE Access to our Fundamental Courses*

Executive Director Only

Access to discounted offers (events, workshops, masterminds, and courses)

Executive Director Only

Create your own group (village) within the Credibility Nation Mighty Network and invite your chamber members for FREE.


= can be accessed by the Chamber of Commerce Executive Director and their members.

USD 249/mo

USD 299/mo



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About Mitchell Levy:

Mitchell Levy is a Silicon Valley-based TEDx/Commencement Speaker and Global Credibility Expert who has interviewed over 500 thought leaders on credibility.

He has created over 20 businesses in Silicon Valley, including four publishing companies that have published over 750 books.

He has authored 65 books and delivered over 3,000 speeches and training.

He taught at San Jose State University, University of California – Santa Cruz and Santa Clara University and has created four executive education programs for San Jose State University and UC – Santa Cruz.